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    An Open Letter to the Parents of Trayvon Martin

    July 18, 2013

    Dear Ms. Fulton and Mr. Martin:

    The Links, Incorporated stands in solidarity with you during this difficult and sorrowful time. Our hearts broke upon hearing the Zimmerman verdict and our cries filled the solemn night sky. As we mourn with much of the nation, we find solace in your enduring love for your son and your divinely inspired words of faith.

    Echoing your sentiments, The Links, Incorporated continues to believe in the judicial system of the United States of America and in the right to due process for all. The judicial system's flaws are reflective of the flaws in our society and in too many of us. It will not be until we work personally and collectively to correct these flaws that changes in our legal system can come about. Sadly, such change cannot bring back your beloved Trayvon. Therefore, we can only continue to fight for justice in his name and protect the precious sons of our nation so the deaths of Emmett Till, Willie Edwards, James Chaney, Michael Donald, Michael Griffith, Yusef Hawkins, James Byrd, Jr. and Trayvon Martin are not in vain and their lives are never forgotten.

    There are pressing judicial matters that must be addressed now, more than ever before. The Links, Incorporated will continue to make our voices heard and stand up for justice when it involves the safety of our children, gun laws, the justice system and racial bias. We are calling for a national re-examination of "Stand Your Ground" laws and vow to continue engaging in advocacy efforts and harnessing our collective strength to elicit change.

    The Links, Incorporated is in admiration of you as parents and of your devotion to our Lord and Savior. Your strength and resilience are the beacons that will guide the nation through the healing process. As his parents, it resonates with grace when you told this nation "Trayvon cannot rest in peace unless we are peaceful."

    May God's grace and blessings continue to provide for you and yours during these darkest hours and for always.


    Margot James Copeland
    National President

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