National Officers

Kimberly Jeffries Leonard, Ph.D.

National President
Arlington (VA) Chapter

Ethel Isaacs Williams, J.D.

National Vice President
West Palm Beach (FL) Chapter

Sharon Dixon Gentry, Ed.D.

National Recording Secretary
Music City (TN) Chapter

Ethelyn S. Bowers

National Treasurer
South Jersey (NJ) Chapter

Tyna D. Davis, Ed.D.

National Parliamentarian
Montgomery (AL) Chapter

Raynetta C. Waters

National Nominating Chair
Asheville (NC) Chapter

Executive Council

Shuana K. Tucker-Sims, Ph.D.

Eastern Area Director
Waterbury (CT) Chapter

Sylvia Perry

Southern Area Director
Bold City (FL) Chapter

Monica B. Allen

Central Area Director
Windy City (IL) Chapter

Lorna C. Hankins

Western Area Director
Gulf Coast Apollo (TX)

Glenda Newell-Harris, M.D.

Immediate Past National President
Alameda Contra Costa (CA) Chapter

Evelyn Rose Coker

National Financial Secretary
Las Vegas (NV) Chapter

Kristie Patton Foster

Executive Director

Margaret Elaine Flake, D.Min.

Interim Chaplain
Chair, Spiritual Enrichment & Wholeness
Greater New York (NY) Chapter

Pamela Freeman Fobbs, J.D.

Director, National Programs
Fresno (CA) Chapter

Tamara Robinson

Director, Services to Youth
Dogwood City (GA) Chapter

Joyce M. Jackson, Ph.D.

Director, The Arts
Baton Rouge (LA) Chapter

Sonya Simril

Director, National Trends and Services
Alameda Contra Costa (CA) Chapter

Barbara Nance McKee

Director, International Trends and Services
Patuxent River (MD) Chapter

Nicholette M. Martin, M.D.

Director, Health and Human Services
Arlington (VA) Chapter

Earnestine Green McNealey, Ph.D.

Chair, Archives and History Committee
Columbia (SC) Chapter

F. Denise Gibson Bailey

Chair, Awards/Recognition
Arlington (VA) Chapter

Michele V. Hagans, D. Min.

Chair, Building Operations
Capital City (DC) Chapter

Anne Turner Herriott

Chair, Chapter Establishment
Greater Miami (FL) Chapter

Rozalynn S. Frazier

Chair, Communications
Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter

Vivian R. Pickard

Chair, Corporate Relations Committee
Renaissance (MI) Chapter

Gwendolyn B. Lee, Ph.D.

Chair, Council of Presidents
14th National President
South Suburban Chicago (IL) Chapter

Bridget W. Chisholm

Chair, Economic Empowerment
Greensboro (NC) Chapter

Jarnell Burks-Craig

Chair, Elections
Indianapolis (IN) Chapter

Stephanie Wilson

Chair, Ethicsand Standards
Morris County (NJ) Chapter

Caroline R. Lang, Ph.D.

Chair, Evaluations
Prince George’s County (MD) Chapter

Valerie Wardlaw, Psy.D.

Chair, Events, Conferences and Assembly Planning
Southern Area Affiliate

Rosalind L. Hudnell

Director of Philanthropy
Chair, Fund Development
Sacramento (CA) Chapter

Marnese Barksdale Elder

Chair, Human Resources
Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter

Karen Jefferson Morrison, J.D.

Chair, Legislative Issues, Public Affairs and Resolutions
Columbus (OH) Chapter

Valerie Kennedy-Miller

Chair, Linking to Board Empowerment
Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter

Carol H. Williams

Chair, Marketing and Brand Management
Oakland Bay Area (CA)

Glenda Masingale Manson

Chair, Organizational Alignment
Central Illinois (IL) Chapter

Larnell Burks-Bagley

Chair, Protocol
Indianapolis (IN) Chapter

Charlotte Ned

Chair, Rituals
Inglewood-Pacific (CA) Chapter

Stephanie Mays Boyd

Chair, Strategic Partnerships
Philadelphia (PA) Chapter

Patricia Bush

Chair, Strategic Planning
Washington (DC) Chapter

Karen M. Dyer, Ed.D.

Co-Chair, Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development
Greensboro (NC) Chapter

Jan T. Collins-Eaglin, Ph.D.

Co-Chair, Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership Development
Claremont Area (CA)

Mildred A. Edwards, Ph.D.

Dean, Scott Hawkins Leadership Institute
Greater Kansas City (MO) Chapter